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Screaming Skulls and Other Stories

Teleporting Relic

Location: Threlkeld (Cumbria) - Threlkeld Place
Type: Legend
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: The home of a skull with history unknown, the relic returned home despite several attempts by the property owners to dispose of it. They finally stopped trying and bricked up the skull behind a wall.

Homely Skull

Location: Tunstead Milton (Derbyshire) - Flagg Hall
Type: Curse
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: The home of another screaming skull, the building would echo with the sounds of cries and moans if the morbid item were removed.

Dicky of Tunstead

Location: Whaley Bridge (Derbyshire) - Tunstead Farm, located at Combs Edge, between Whaley Bridge and Chapel-en-le-Frith
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: Dicky is the name given to the skull that resided in the farmhouse (now thought to be buried on the grounds). The ghost of a girl that appeared in the 1880's was blamed on Dicky, as was the large black dog that followed locals around the farmland after dark.


Location: Whittlesford (Cambridgeshire) - Barrows (no longer present)
Type: Unknown Ghost Type
Date / Time: Nineteenth century
Further Comments: These prehistoric barrows were destroyed to make room for farmland, though one story states that one farmhand found and removed a human skull from the site, only to have the rest of the skeleton visit him during the following night, demanding the return of its head.

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