Miscellaneous Reports and Features
stamp collection Royal Mail Stamps
A collection of stamps issued by the Royal Mail portrays six mythological creatures - where do they fit into UK and Irish legends?
ghosts per square mile
'Top' Paranormal Places in the UK
A quick statistical analysis of the number of places with paranormal interest in the UK, ranked by county size and population.
white women White Women and Women in White
The woman in white is a popular character when examining folklore and ghost stories. She could be encountered standing by the roadside waiting for a lift, walking corridors of stately homes, or appearing briefly to say goodbye to a loved one...
caves Cave Myths, Legends and Stories
From crocodiles to creepy ghost stories, the dozens of caves covering the UK and Ireland have their own special myths and legends. A few are warnings to the unwary, not to travel too deeply within. Others warn of strange animals which may reside within...
wells, holy or otherwise Wells, Holy or Otherwise
Water wells are still scattered across the UK. Some are considered holy, others cursed, a few haunted, but all those contained here have a foundation in the paranormal.
jack the ripper Ghosts of Jack the Ripper
Although Jack the Ripper was only active for a brief period in 1888, his horrific crimes ensured that his infamy would live on. If the stories are true, the first ghost connected to Jack appeared shortly after he ceased his murderous spree...
Blowin' in the Wind
Instruments of public execution are now relegated to curios in museums or fragments on the landscape, but the sites where death sentences occurred sometimes refuse to give up their ghosts.
highwaymen ghosts

Phantom Highwaymen and Women
Highway robbery has a large place in English history, with a degree of romanticism covering up the robber's often brutal and deadly methods. Many stories and legends remain, and possibly a handful of ghosts..?

headless ghosts

Headless Ghosts
There are hundreds of headless ghosts that are reputed to roam the UK and Ireland - coachmen, brides, stableboys, horses, dogs, cats, and even sheep. This extract from the database contains this specialised type of ghost.

click to open report From the Shoulders of Giants
Stories of giants scatter the UK and Irish landscapes. The gigantic peoples have been blamed for a myriad of environmental features, from misplaced rocks to hills and valleys. Here we can find some of those locations where giants have left their legacy.
curses and cursed places
A Hex on Thee
Roads, rivers, universities and even football grounds have been subjected to curses and hexes over the years. While the screaming skull legends are the most prolific of these cursed locations, a surprising number of other unlikely places have their own ill luck and misfortune.
paranormal hotspots
Paranormal Hotspots
Some places in the UK and Ireland appear to attract weirdness, be it ghosts, haunted homes and buildings, UFO sightings or just everyday Fortean activity. A list of those cities, towns and villages can be found here.
Alien Big Cats - click here to read more
Alien Big Cats
Can a country the size of the UK really be home to so many large cats? How do they remain undetected and uncaught? Are they flesh and blood, or phantoms of the past? The Paranormal Database lists the places where these mysterious cats have been observed.
dragon sigtings and reports
Slaying the Dragon
Dragons, drakes, draco, wryms, winged snakes... If only half the legends were true, then the UK was once truly the land of the lizard.
ufo reports
Visitors from Space?
Aliens? Time Travelers? Secret aircraft? Or just observational errors? Can thousands of people really be so wrong? Here is a list of places where just a few of these UFOs have been reported around the UK and Ireland.
phantom bells
For Whom the Bell Tolls
A church bell rings from beneath the sea, a victim of coastal erosion... The buzz of the doorbell summons occupants to an empty front step... A phantom lady is never seen, only the silken rustling of her dress and the sound of tinkling denote her presence... Bells, chimes, peals and rings feature in dozens of paranormal stories.
Spontaneous Human Combustion (shc) reports
Up in Smoke
A source of hot debate, why do some people just combust? The places which Spontaneous Human Combustion has occurred are scattered throughout the country.
haunted churches
Not Just for Weddings and Funerals
Tens of thousands of churches are scattered across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and a high proportion have associated myths and legends attached - from hauntings by ghostly monks to visits made by Old Nick himself...
horse ghosts
Phantom Horses & Riders
A high percentage of the phantoms in the UK & Ireland are of ghostly horses and horsemen / horsewomen, be they killed in battle, decapitated by a low branch, drowned in a pool by the roadside, or cursed to roam by the devil himself...
standing stone legends
A Rolling Stone
While many of the standing stone of the UK and Ireland are a mystery in their own right, many are accompanied by even more strange supernatural and paranormal tales.
haunted cinemas
The Silver Scream
Many people enjoy being scared at the cinema by horror and ghost films - would it add to the terror knowing that the dark building they are sitting in is truly haunted?
haunted shops
Out of No Other Shop
Poltergeist infested and haunted shops (and shopping centres) are by no means uncommon, and actually appear to be on the increase. You may know what you're buying, but do you know where you're buying it from..?
haunted bridges
A Bridge too Far
Some bridges are said to have been built by the Devil, some are haunted by suicides and other tragic figures, while others have an annual headless horseman who drives a coach across them once a year...
environmental hauntings
Environmental Concerns
Spectral aural or visual effects can appear to surround a witness or dominate a landscape. The most common form of this type tends to be houses which do not really exist, although many other phantom environments have been reported.
haunted theatres
The Last Encore - Haunted Theatres
Some actors find it hard to let go of their roles, while others find it more difficult to let go of their lives... The haunted theatres and old playhouses of Great Britain and Ireland can be found here.
werewolf and vampire reports in england scotland wales and ireland
Why are you Looking at my Neck?
A collection of the somewhat limited reports of werewolf and vampire sightings, myths and legends found in the UK and Ireland .
shuck reports and other devil dogs
Walking with Hell Hounds
A gathering of the locations from which Shucks and other ghostly Devil Dogs have been reported.
road ghosts
Look Both Ways
From vanishing hitchhikers to phantom limousines, the haunted highways and byways of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are all listed here.
fairy sightings
The Little People
Fairy sightings and the locations they call home collected from across the lands, along with reports of other members of the same 'family'.
haunted castles
View from the Battlements
A roundup of the haunted castles and fortifications of the UK and Ireland is contained within these pages
uk cryptozoology reports
Strange Beasts
A cryptozoological assembly of the places these strange and displaced creatures have been seen, from mermaids to the Loch Ness Monster and his less (in)famous relatives.
haunted battlefields
Old Soldiers Never Die
Haunted battlefields and other sites where dead soldiers walk and reenact the fights which took their lives.
haunted hospitals
When the Grey Nurse Visits
Are these stories of haunted hospitals told to unnerve new nurses on their first nightshift, or just as a matter of fact?
river ghosts and hauntings
Phantoms of the Waterways
The spirits of the drowned and ethereal boats & ships prove that ghosts are not just land loving entities.
haunted pubs
Where the Spirits are Served
Traditionally the public house is the cornerstone of many communities; it is no wonder why some former drinkers and landlords like to linger on after hours...
haunted inns
The Inn Crowd
With some inns dating back hundreds of years, one can not be surprised by the large number which claim to house at least one ghost.
haunted hotels
A Room for a Night
A surprisingly number of hotels claim to be haunted - for some, it is a great selling point; for others, an embarrassment. A collection of the haunted hotels of Britain and Ireland, and their occupants, can be found here .
Rail Ghosts and Hauntings
Rail Ghosts and Hauntings
Phantom steam engines, spectral rail workers, and other paranormal occurrences on and just off the rails.
ghosts of the london underground
Going Underground
Mile after mile of long dark winding passages may carry tens of thousands of people by day, but at night do the dead really walk London Underground?
prison ghosts and hauntings
Incorporeal Inmates - Haunted Prisons
Not all inmates of the prison system are flesh and blood; when behind bars, witnesses find it quite difficult to escape the unearthly...
haunted museums and curses
Please Do Not Touch
With relics of the dead entombed within the walls, it is really a surprise so many museums are haunted or cursed?
haunted restaurants
What's not on the Menu
From fast food to five star, sometimes restaurants can offer more than just food and drink. A guide to the haunted restaurants of Britain and Ireland is revealed here.
spooky schools, college hauntings and university ghosts
Our Learned Friends
Many educational establishments in Britain and Ireland can boast paranormal events - the ghosts of the universities and colleges of Oxford and Cambridge are the most well known, but are by no means alone.
the devil - places connected to old nick in the uk and ireland
That Ol' Devil
Old Nick is part of dozens of myths and legends; whether popping up to teach mortals to respect the sabbath or just passing by en route to steal a church, the Devil's stories are told here...
ghostly trees and haunted woods and forests
If You Go Down to the Woods Today
From the mighty forest to a humble solitary oak, paranormal entities have an affinity towards trees and wooded areas of all kinds.
royal ghosts and hauntings
Royal Ghosts and Hauntings
No other family can lay claim to such a bloody history and so many of their members returning from the dead.
tales of king arthur and places connected to him
Arthurian Myth & Legend
Few can agree on the exact details of King Arthur and the many stories surrounding him. Several places claim to be camelot, a few buildings claim to house the round table, and the hills and castles that claim Arthur still sleeps beneath them waiting for Britain to need him are many.
Screaming Skull stories
No Body Loves Me
Whether crying, complaining or chatting away merrily, the legend of the screaming skulls is one of the more popular myths in the UK. A few of the stories are little more than campfire tales, but some are truly terrifying...
colliery ghosts and haunted mines

Pit Ghosts and Haunted Collieries
The darkest places are not on the earth but beneath it. Countless people have lost their lives providing this country and others with the raw materials required for the backbone of society. Are the ghosts here born from the minds of men, or should we really be afraid of the dark?

Mermaids and Mermen
Of Mermaids and Men
The waters around the isle are full of mysterious creatures, none so strange as the half human, half fish creatures known as mermaids and mermen. Most of the stories concerning the merfolk are little more than legend, but could a few prove that truth is stranger than fiction?
haunted police stations and fire stations
Police & Fire Station Hauntings
When human tragedy is an everyday occurrence, it is little wonder that emotional echoes are left behind once the flesh is all but gone. If anything, one may be surprised that more fire and police stations are not haunted by former staff.
haunted radio stations and tv locations
Media Interference
The popular media is not traditionally sympathetic towards the paranormal, tending to dramatise events or carry the stories with heavy doses of sarcasm. So, when the reports of haunted TV or radio studios start to drift in, the taste of irony can be sweet.
boadica - places and hauntings
The Warrior Queen of the Iceni holds a special place in British history and mythology. Several sites lay claim to be her final resting place or the battlefield where she was finally defeated by the Romans, while a few other places are said to be haunted by her phantom.
Legendary places of Robin Hood
Robin Hood
The tales of folk hero Robin Hood may be ingrained in our psyche, but what do we really know of the man? Where was he born? Where did he frequent? Did he actually even exist? The latter question no-one can ever be sure of, but the locations which lay claim on the Hood can be found here.
Hidden Treasure for Wanabe Tomb Raiders
Tomb Raiders and Treasure Hunters
For anyone brave and foolish enough, there is much treasure to be discovered. Legends cover the land of concealed gems and gold, just waiting for the right person to come along and grab it. Granted, many of the stories have fabulous beasts, ghosts and curses all protecting the wealth, but for the true tomb raider would this really deter?
recommended paranormal reading
Further Reading
A selection of books, magazine and other publications used in the construction of the Paranormal Database



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