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Location: York (Yorkshire) - Four All's public house, A64
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 06 November 2006, 23:45h
Further Comments: A driver returning home from work reported passing a figure on horseback, dressed in highwayman's clothing, stood by the wall of the pub. When the witness looked in his rear view mirror, the figure had vanished. There is a local belief that the highwayman is Dick Turpin, and sightings of the highwayman are said to go back to the mid-twentieth century. A sandstone cave in the area is said to have been one of Turpin's hideouts.

Child Crying

Location: York (Yorkshire) - Lamb and Lion public house
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2010s
Further Comments: The sound of a child crying has been reported upstairs, even when no child has been present. Doors are also said to close unaided by human hand.

Burnt Landlord

Location: York (Yorkshire) - Punchbowl public house, Micklegate Bar
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: A landlord who burnt to death in a fire haunts one of the bedrooms and the cellar, while the shade of a woman who died of a broken heart has also been observed on site.


Location: York (Yorkshire) - Roman Bath public house, St. Sampson's Square
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Late twentieth century
Further Comments: From the old baths located below this pub, phantom splashing can sometimes be heard.

Little Girl

Location: York (Yorkshire) - Snickleway Inn, Goodramgate (was the Angler's Arms public house)
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: Seen as she waits on the staircase, this entity is said to radiate peace and love. She met her death when a horse and cart delivering beer ran her over just outside the pub. The ghostly presence reported down in the basement is much more sinister and has been called evil by previous landlords. Finally, a phantom cat may rub itself against the legs of visitors.

Drunken Airman

Location: York (Yorkshire) - The Golden Fleece public house, Pavement Street
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Twentieth century
Further Comments: Towards the end of the Second World War, a drunken Canadian pilot fell from an upstairs window in the building and broke his neck on the pavement below. Since then, this ghost has reportedly haunted the bedroom from which he fell.

Caped Figure

Location: York (Yorkshire) - The Other Tap & Spile public house, North Street
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: This shadow form has been seen in the building with a cloak or cape draped around its neck.

Grey Lady

Location: York (Yorkshire) - York Arms public house, High Petergate
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: The phantom nun which haunts this pub was bricked up behind a wall after giving birth. The building in which this occurred no longer stands, but the pub was built on the same spot... This may be the same ghost which haunts the Theatre Royal.

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