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Phantom Bells and Ringing Forteana


Location: Whitby (Yorkshire) - Off coast, close to Black Nab
Type: Legend
Date / Time: 31 October (Reoccurring)
Further Comments: A ship carrying bells stolen from the abbey was sunk at the Black Nab while trying to escape. On Halloween, one can stand close to the rock and call out their true love's name; the wind repeats the name, and the submerged bells can be heard to ring.

Swinging Doors

Location: Woolfardisworthy (aka Woolsery), Torridge (Devon) - Farmer's Arms public house
Type: Poltergeist
Date / Time: 2007 onwards
Further Comments: Doors have been reported to open unaided, bells ring, and items fly from the walls and shelves since the extension of the bar area.

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