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Location: Denshaw (Yorkshire) - Between the M62 and Denshaw, along the Saddleworth moor
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 19 January 2009
Further Comments: Driver Helen Morris reported to a local newspaper seeing a large cat in the middle of the road. The creature was described as having a tawny coat and long tail, resembling a lioness.


Location: Dorchester (Dorset) - Field near Dorchester Football Stadium, and Talbothays Road
Type: ABC
Date / Time: August 2007, and 2006
Further Comments: This large black cat, said by the witness to be the size of an Alsatian, was observed for several seconds in 2007. The year previous, another (or the same) black cat was spotted along Talbothays Road.

Beast of Exmoor

Location: Drewstone (Somerset) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 1983
Further Comments: Soldiers used the village as a central marker during their (fruitless) hunt for the beast of Exmoor over the period of a month.

Adult Puma

Location: Drigg (Cumbria) - Shore road
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Summer 2005
Further Comments: Out walking her dog, a woman spotted what she thought was an adult puma standing on the roadside. It ran off through a hedgerow after a few seconds. Another person also spotted the creature in the same area.

Missing Sheep

Location: Dromara (County Down) - Farms around Dromara and Hillsborough; Hill Road, Ballynahinch Road and Mullaghdrin Road areas
Type: ABC
Date / Time: August / September 2013
Further Comments: A large cat was held accountable for mauling and killing sheep in this area. Police issued a warning for anyone who spotted a large cat to contact them.


Location: Dunmow (Essex) - Duton Hill
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 2007
Further Comments: A husband and his daughter spotted a panther-like cat while out walking.


Location: Earlston (Borders) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 1983
Further Comments: Several witnesses reported seeing a large golden cat in the area, though it soon vanished without trace.

ABC Footprints

Location: East Mersea (Essex) - Sea wall near Cooper's beach holiday park
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 1996
Further Comments: More than seventeen ABC footprints were found here, each 6 inches across with extended claws. Bearing in mind that cats do not walk with their claws extended, this could well be either a mistake or a fake.

Big Cat

Location: East Runton (Norfolk) - Railway Embankment
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 19 February 1964
Further Comments: Following up reports of a large cat, the area was combed by police with dogs; nothing was ever found.

Labrador-Sized Cat

Location: Eastbourne (Sussex) - Faversham Road
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 8 January 2007, 22:30h
Further Comments: Whilst walking his two Yorkshire terriers, John Hescott encountered a large black cat. The feline walked away from a children's play area towards a service road. The sighting was reported to the police.

Large Black Cat

Location: Eastbourne (Sussex) - South Downs bordering town
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 1 July 1979
Further Comments: The witness who saw this cat said it was the size of a small pony - he watched it as it passed within three meters of him.

Cat on the Wall

Location: Eggington (Bedfordshire) - White House, an old people's home
Type: ABC
Date / Time: October 1995
Further Comments: Seen sitting on the wall several times during October, residents called the police when the large cat looked like it was going to have a faceoff with their pet cat.

White Lion

Location: Ellesmere (Shropshire) - Lyneal Mill Cottages
Type: ABC
Date / Time: August 1997
Further Comments: This large albino cat was seen close to the cottages and was reported to resemble a lion. The same area is reportedly haunted by a headless white woman.

Big Cats

Location: Elveden (Suffolk) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: April 1985
Further Comments: Elveden residents reported several sightings of a large cat or cats during this month.


Location: Evesham (Hereford & Worcester) - Area around Unipart site, Shinehill Lane
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Spring 2006
Further Comments: A brown, pointed eared cat was spotted on this site by a security guard, the third such sighting at this location.

Beast of Exmoor

Location: Exmoor (Devon) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Late twentieth century
Further Comments: Police, soldiers, big game hunters... all have staked out the moor at various times over the past thirty years in the hope of catching the big cat that has killed hundreds of sheep. None have succeeded.

Large Black Cat

Location: Exmouth (Devon) - Hulham Road
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Early Morning, Winter, 1989
Further Comments: Two sisters spotted what they described as a black panther cross the top of the field by the hedge line. The creature then graciously jumped through the hedge and disappeared.


Location: Exmouth (Devon) - Hulham Road, woods (no longer there?)
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Spring 1983
Further Comments: Two women walking close to woodland spotted a large sandy coloured Lynx in a field.


Location: Farnham (Surrey) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Eighteenth century to twentieth century
Further Comments: The sightings of a large cat in the neighbourhood are said to date back at least two hundred years.

First ABC?

Location: Farnham (Surrey) - Heathy Park Reservoir
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 16 July 1962, 07:45h
Further Comments: One of the first modern ABC sightings, Water Board worker Ernest Jellett staff spotted a large black cat. Over the following months, others witnessed a cheetah stalking the area - it was never caught.

Brown ABC

Location: Felixstowe (Suffolk) - Exact area unknown
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 1996
Further Comments: Part of a rash of sightings of ABCs in and around the Ipswich area during 1996. The creature was nicknamed 'Paws' by local media.

Cat the Size of an Alsatian

Location: Fobbing (Essex) - Waterworks Depot
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 12 & 25 August 1982
Further Comments: Seen twice by different people in the same area, this cat possessed a thick coat and left a strong smell of urine from one place where it had lain.

Slinky Cat

Location: Forres (Moray) - Fields near Dalvey House
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 25 January 2009
Further Comments: While feeding their horses, two women spotted a long tailed black cat emerge out of nearby woodland. Several of the horses fled across the field, and when the women approached the black feline, it ran off.

Tailless Tiger

Location: Fort William (Highland) - Glen Nevis
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 2001
Further Comments: Two witnesses running in the area observed a three metre long cat drinking from the river. One of the witnesses said the creature looked like a tailless tiger with white eyes but no pupils. The creature ran off into a nearby field when it spotted the runners. A few days later local papers reported the deaths of several local sheep in the same field where the creature had run. 

Brownish ABC

Location: Galleywood (Essex) - Exact location not known
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Late 1996
Further Comments: A couple of reports claim ABC sightings in this region, both of brownish cats.

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