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Big Cat Sightings and Encounters


Location: Billericay (Essex) - Exact location unknown
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 29 May 1982 (Lion), 2008 (black cat)
Further Comments: Seen by the same woman twice in one day, the lion-like cat was described as 'champagne coloured'. A photograph taken in 2008 shows what appears to be a large black cat, though without a scale reference, it may just be a small cat.

Isolated Bodmin Moor.

Beast of Bodmin

Location: Bodmin (Cornwall) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Ongoing
Further Comments: Another famous cryptid, the Beast of Bodmin is thought by some to be a large black cat, while others believe the creature is more paranormal in nature. Regardless, dozens of sightings span years.

Black Cat

Location: Bolton (Greater Manchester) - Farnworth cemetery, Darcy Lever
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 11 October 2012, 14:30h
Further Comments: Alanah and Sherri-Lee Belk spotted a large black cat from around fifteen metres away in a field. The creature ran off in the opposite direction.

West Cliff Road, Bournemouth.


Location: Bournemouth (Dorset) - West Cliff Road
Type: ABC
Date / Time: August 2005, November 2018
Further Comments: In 2005, salesman Kevin Hamersley from Wiltshire said he spotted saw a puma along this road, just one of many sightings in the region. Thirteen years later, a panther was spotted on the patio of another West Cliff resident. It is speculated (and highly unlikely) that the creature lives in the nearby Alum Chime.

Large Cat

Location: Braintree (Essex) - Near Capel Hill Golf Course
Type: ABC
Date / Time: May 1996
Further Comments: Walkers reported seeing a large cat in the area.


Location: Brighton (Sussex) - Junction of Mill Road and Dyke Road
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 23 December 1982, 22:00h
Further Comments: Driving home, Douglas Owen encountered a large cat resembling a cheetah lying on a grassy bank. After watching it for a short while, the cat ran off towards nearby houses.

Large Cat

Location: Bullgill (Cumbria) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Circa 2009
Further Comments: Sighted in fields around this area, this cat appeared to be too large to be a normal feline, and too small to be anything else.

Hunting Cat

Location: Bures (Suffolk) - Field outside village
Type: ABC
Date / Time: February 2009
Further Comments: Two witnesses watched a large cat as it chased two deer across a field. They could see the mud flicking up from the feline's feet as it ran. The witnesses searched the area and found a large paw print, twice the size of their retriever.

St. Johns College, Cambridge.

College Cat

Location: Cambridge (Cambridgeshire) - St. Johns College
Type: ABC
Date / Time: November 1996
Further Comments: Both a caretaker and the groundsman saw a massive black cat on the grounds. It has been speculated the creature was the so called 'Fen Tiger', a large cat-like cryptid for which sightings around Cambridgeshire date back at least 30 years.

Clouded Leopard

Location: Canterbury (Kent) - Countryside around the area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 1975
Further Comments: An escapee from Howletts Park, this leopard lived for eight months in the Kent countryside, before being shot by a farmer.

Labrador-Sized Cat

Location: Carlisle (Cumbria) - Bypass close to wooded area near Asda
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 04 August 2012
Further Comments: Raymond Sant reported seeing a large black cat with a long tail, the size of a Labrador, as he and his wife drove to Asda.


Location: Chester (Cheshire) - Upton area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 23 October 1976
Further Comments: A reported lioness was spotted roaming the area, though a police search could find nothing.

Huge Cat

Location: Chorleywood (Hertfordshire) - M25, between Junctions 18 & 19
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 29 January 2009
Further Comments: Driving along the M25, Karen Thomas reported seeing a large black cat on the edge of a field. The creature was described as ten times larger than a dog.


Location: Church Fenton (Yorkshire) - Fields in the area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: July 2006
Further Comments: Police were dispatched to this area after they received two independent reports of a tiger in the district. An RAF aircraft in the area joined the search, which ultimately found no evidence of the cat.

Brown Cat

Location: Claxton (Norfolk) - Exact location not known
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 09 June 1996
Further Comments: A large brown alien cat was reported in this area in 1996.

Killer Cat

Location: Clyro (Powys) - General area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Summer 1989
Further Comments: This mysterious creature killed dozens of sheep over the summer months, tearing out their throats. Two people who saw the beast said it was dark in colour and larger than a dog. Not all agreed with the belief that the creature was a cat, some stating that the entity was a gwyllgi, a large black dog.

Black ABC

Location: Colchester (Essex) - Mersea Road
Type: ABC
Date / Time: January 1996 to 1999
Further Comments: A large black cat was spotted along this Colchester road at different times by multiple witnesses.

Dark Brown Cat

Location: Colonsay (Argyll and Bute) - Close to a stone dyke
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Cat in 1999, fox in January 2012
Further Comments: In 1999, a couple visiting the island observed a dark brown large cat, much bigger than a wild cat, roughly the size of a collie. Thirteen years later, the body of a fox was discovered on the island, worrying the locals as no foxes have ever been found here.

Eaten Calves

Location: Convoy (County Donegal) - Unnamed farm
Type: ABC
Date / Time: October 2012
Further Comments: After two calves found half eaten, fears were expressed that a large cat was on the loose in the area. A local RSPCA inspector said it was unlikely that a dog would be able to cause so much damage to the dead animals.

Large Black Cat

Location: Coppull (Lancashire) - Fields south of village
Type: ABC
Date / Time: July 1991, 23:30h
Further Comments: One witness reported seeing a large black cat, like a puma, in this area.


Location: Crawley (Sussex) - Tilgate Forest
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 10 September 1979
Further Comments: A sleek black cat was seen hiding in the forest.

Fast Feline

Location: Crostwick (Norfolk) - North Walsham road, Crostwick near Norwich
Type: ABC
Date / Time: February 1996
Further Comments: A large cat quickly ran off after being seen standing around seven metres from a witness.

Cat or Seal?

Location: Croyde (Devon) - Downend Point
Type: ABC
Date / Time: January 2009
Further Comments: When the decaying remains of a creature the size of a calf with large canine teeth washed up on the beach, many jumped to the conclusion it was the body of the Beast of Exmoor. Later analysis of the carcass suggested it was a seal.


Location: Cuffley (Hertfordshire) - Sutherland Way
Type: ABC
Date / Time: 16 May 1983
Further Comments: Several people, including a policeman, reported seeing a cat resembling a lion or lioness near woodland in the area. Public warnings were issued, and a helicopter dispatched, but no big cat was found.

Savaged Lambs

Location: Denby Dale (Yorkshire) - Farms in the area
Type: ABC
Date / Time: Summer 2000
Further Comments: A large cat was blamed for several sheep killings in the area after one farmer watched a big black feline skulking around on his land.

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