The paranormal can be a creature of habit; dozens of ghosts are reported to return annually to a site special to them, fairies and the little folk have yearly meetings, famous battles are fought and refought…

This is a detailed list of reoccurring supernatural events, containing some two hundred entries. Some of the locations are well known, and attract scores of people each year, armed with video cameras and infrared night scopes. Others are less well known, located in desolate and isolated areas away from the glare of public view.

  • January - events include the appearance of a Black Monk, a phantom Spitfire, and the sound of ghostly footsteps
  • February - including the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots, the MacDonald clan, and phantom ships
  • March (includes Easter entries) - the beginning of Spring, featuring the wild hunt, and both a woman in red and a lady in white
  • April - featuring animating statues, haunted churches, and a phantom battle
  • May - an opportunity to enter the fairy kingdom, view the Devil returning to see his handiwork, and witness a coach pulled by headless horses
  • June - the opening of summer, and a chance to hear ghostly singing, discover King Arthur's Table, and see a white shuck
  • July - the month to view a bride dressed in black, the Pass of Killiecrankie battle, and fighting galleons
  • August - featuring William II, a phantom coach, and a Victorian housemaid
  • September - in the start of autumn can be found crying children, a slowly moving phantom barge, and Sir Walter Raleigh
  • October - a fairy meet, a ghostly knight in armour, and a white calf
  • November - phantom marching soldiers, a ghostly nun, and bloody rain
  • December - the start of winter and the run up to Christmas witnesses a railway disaster, runaway horses, and a black abbot
  • Weather dependent reports - the paranormal events which only occur when atmospheric conditions are right