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Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/the-avebury-stones&image=wilt0954d.jpg Sat, 18 Jul 2009 18:07:09 +0100
<![CDATA[Stones around Avebury (The Avebury Stones)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/the-avebury-stones&image=wilt954j.jpg Stones around AveburyA gallery of the Avebury stones.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/the-avebury-stones&image=wilt954j.jpg Wed, 22 Mar 2006 20:32:21 +0000
<![CDATA[Stones around Avebury (The Avebury Stones)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/the-avebury-stones&image=wilt954a.jpg Stones around AveburyA gallery of the Avebury stones.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/the-avebury-stones&image=wilt954a.jpg Sat, 30 Aug 2003 00:00:00 +0100
<![CDATA[Churchyard, Avebury (Other Wiltshire Images)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt9524b.jpg Churchyard, AveburyWhite Figure
A witness on bicycle spotted a large white figure in this churchyard in the early 1970s.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt9524b.jpg Sat, 18 Jul 2009 17:19:10 +0100
<![CDATA[Stones around Avebury (The Avebury Stones)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/the-avebury-stones&image=wilt9487c.jpg Stones around AveburyThis particular stone is reputed to cross the road at midnight.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/the-avebury-stones&image=wilt9487c.jpg Sat, 25 Jul 2009 09:27:08 +0100
<![CDATA[Silbury Hill, Avebury (Other Wiltshire Images)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt3609b.jpg Silbury Hill, AveburyBurial
The largest man made mound in Europe, no one can say for sure why the hill was built, though one group has alleged that it was the only way the builders knew of immobilising a great evil. The ghost of King Sil is also said to ride around the base of the mound on moonlit nights, while others believe that a horse and rider of solid gold are contained within. Finally, another ghost, this time headless, is said to haunt the base.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt3609b.jpg Sat, 18 Jul 2009 19:10:17 +0100
<![CDATA[Avebury Manor (Other Wiltshire Images)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt2122.jpg Avebury ManorWhite Lady
This pallid person drifts around the grounds of the manor and sometimes the stones, her face covered by a large hood. The manor house itself is said to be haunted by several entities. One spirit which would scatter rose petals across the floor of the Crimson Room, a phantom monk was spotted in the library, and a ghostly Cavalier sometimes makes an appearance.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt2122.jpg Sat, 18 Jul 2009 17:15:10 +0100
<![CDATA[Red Lion public house, Avebury (Other Wiltshire Images)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt2083c.jpg Red Lion public house, AveburyFlorrie
The wife of an English Civil War veteran, Florrie was strangled and tossed down a nearby well by her husband once he discovered she had slept with other men while he was away fighting. She now haunts the public house, scratching anyone who upsets her. The sounds of a phantom coach have also been heard outside the building, while in 2004 a photograph was taken which captured the image of a bleeding bald man.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/other-wiltshire-images&image=wilt2083c.jpg Sat, 25 Jul 2009 08:46:04 +0100
<![CDATA[Long Barrow, West Kennet (West Kennet Long Barrow)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/west-kennet-long-barrow&image=Wilt1352g.jpg Long Barrow, West KennetPart of the gallery for the Long Barrow at West Kennet.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/west-kennet-long-barrow&image=Wilt1352g.jpg Fri, 24 Jul 2009 20:02:20 +0100
<![CDATA[Long Barrow, West Kennet (West Kennet Long Barrow)]]> http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/west-kennet-long-barrow&image=Wilt1352f.jpg Long Barrow, West KennetPart of the gallery for the Long Barrow at West Kennet.
Date: 29-Aug-2012]]>
http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=wiltshire/west-kennet-long-barrow&image=Wilt1352f.jpg Sat, 25 Jul 2009 08:28:00 +0100