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Maroon Woman

Location: Birmingham - Aston Park
Type: Unknown Ghost Type
Date / Time: 1974
Further Comments: A woman with her hair tied in a bun and wearing a maroon dress was seen sitting by the tennis court. When approached, the lady vanished.

Samuel Greatrex

Location: Birmingham - Private house along Garrison Lane, Small Heath
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1963
Further Comments: Identified by a medium as Samuel Greatrex, this ghost created loud knocks, rattled chains, and generated footsteps day and night. It was later discovered that Greatrex had been arrested for stabbing someone and had died during his time in prison. When occupier Mrs Keogh moved away, Greatrex followed her

Samuel Greatrex Returns

Location: Birmingham - Private house along Upper Thomas Street, Aston
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1964 onwards
Further Comments: Mrs Keogh fled her previous residence to escape the phantom Samuel Greatrex, but the ghost accompanied her, as did the loud raps it created Through a medium, Greatrex apologised to Mrs Keogh and promised to quieten down.

Burial Site

Location: Birmingham - Metchley Camp, field next to McDonald's, Kings Norton
Type: Legend
Date / Time: Still present
Further Comments: When Roman remains were discovered in this field, a few declared the area to be Boudica's final resting ground. Unfortunately there is nothing to actually indicate that this is the case.


Location: Birmingham - Castle Vale housing estate
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1987
Further Comments: The housing estate was partly built over the site of the World War Two Castle Bromwich Aerodrome, and during the 1970s there were several reports of ghostly airmen manifesting around the area. In 1987, one man was virtually deafened by the sound of an old aircraft engine that came out of a thick fog that surrounded his house. The following evening, the fog and the engine sound returned, but this time was also reported by a mother and her children who lived two miles away.

Shadowy Figure

Location: Birmingham - Kings Norton Park
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2007
Further Comments: The dark shape of a man has been reported crossing the park. A swing in the playground is also said to rock itself at night, even though there is no wind.


Location: Birmingham - Old Crown public house, Deritend
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 21 August 1999
Further Comments: A couple staying here reported a strange white mist in their room. One witness felt compelled to move towards the window. Two ghosts are said to haunt the inn, though who or what form the second one takes is unknown.

Gypsy Curse

Location: Birmingham - St Andrews, Birmingham City Football Club
Type: Curse
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: A local legend says that a community of gypsies were evicted from the land many years ago, enabling the construction of the stadium. St Andrews is one of several football grounds around the country that claims this gypsy curse is responsible for any bad luck they encounter.

Orange Man

Location: Birmingham - Gunter Road, Erdington
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Winter 1970, 07:30h
Further Comments: A young lad on his way to school spotted a glowing orange man. The entity's features were not clear, and it remained for around twenty seconds before vanishing. The figure is also said to have appeared along other streets in the area.

Mrs Holt

Location: Birmingham - Aston Hall
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Holt and servant boy unknown, green lady in Summer 1991
Further Comments: A former Mrs Holt (or Halte) was suspected by her husband of having an affair - he locked her in the loft where she lived for several years before dying. Another version of the story says It was Mary Holt who was locked in the loft by her father, after trying to elope. Either way, the phantom grey or white lady haunts the upper floor. A ghostly servant boy is said to hang from a beam on the property (he committed suicide after being caught stealing), while finally a green woman, a former housekeeper named either Mrs Whitaker or Walker has been seen in various areas of the site. A member of staff spotted her in the nursery room, briefly mistaking her for a real person before realising the area was closed off and that the figure wore seventeenth century clothing.

Giant's Stone

Location: Birmingham - Warstones Lane
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Still present?
Further Comments: A giant who lived at Birmingham castle was killed when the Giant of Dudley threw a stone at him (launched from Dudley!). The rock also demolished the castle. The stone was erected as a memento, and the lane named after the War Stone used as a weapon. The rock is now on a plinth within the cemetery.


Location: Birmingham - Key Hill Cemetery, Icknield Street, Hockley
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2006 onwards
Further Comments: Reported by Birmingham Investigators of the Unknown, activity in this location includes banging or clanking sounds, dark shadows, feelings of heaviness and sickness, and a lantern light moving across the rear of the cemetery.

Wine Smashing

Location: Birmingham - Court Oak public house, Harborne
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: October 31 (Reoccurring)
Further Comments: Nicknamed Corky by visitors to the Court Oak, this phantom is said to smash bottles of cheap wine in the cellar. Corky is also said to manifest behind the counter, appearing in the form of a male in his sixties.

Flying Dog

Location: Birmingham - Private residence, Barrows Lane, Yardley
Type: Poltergeist
Date / Time: Late twentieth / early twenty-first century
Further Comments: Footsteps walking up a hallway were heard by a witness and her dog in a room. The footsteps stopped outside the room and the door handle started to turn. The dog ran to the door barking, and the witness grabbed a poker. Opened the door, the witness was surprised to find no one there, although the dog continued to bark at empty space. A short time later the family watched the dog barking at the air in the garden, when the hound was picked up and thrown into the door of a coal house by something unseen. There were also reports of loud crashes within the house, but nothing was ever found tipped over.

Stone Throwing

Location: Birmingham - Thornton Road, Ward End
Type: Poltergeist
Date / Time: 1981 - 1982
Further Comments: The jury is still out to whether the dozens of stones which rained down and smashed windows of numbers 32, 34 and 36 along this road were thrown by human or paranormal hands. Despite hundreds of police hours spent investigating and observing the area, no arrests were ever made.


Location: Birmingham - Queen's Arms public house, Charlotte Street
Type: Poltergeist
Date / Time: 2012
Further Comments: Staff at this public house named their resident spook Grasper after a series of incidents where their bums were pinched by an unseen hand. Other activity is said to include chairs moving and footsteps heard in empty parts of the building.

Henry Skinner

Location: Birmingham - Trocadero public house
Type: Poltergeist
Date / Time: 2012
Further Comments: Murdered in the late nineteenth century, former landlord Henry Skinner is held accountable for throwing around small change and beer mats. A former landlord claimed to have encountered Henry. Two other phantoms, girls who fell to their deaths on a staircase are also reputed to haunt the site.


Location: Birmingham - Nokes'z Hair, Church Road, Northfield
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2009 - 2013
Further Comments: Several incidents have been reported coming from this hairdressers, including the manifestation of a face in the darkness, appliances switching themselves on, objects being thrown, and a black mist forming at the rear of a room.

Crawling Cordial

Location: Birmingham - The Old Crown public house, Digbeth
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Early 2015
Further Comments: This pub appeared in the national press after a video was released showing a bottle of blackcurrant cordial moving unaided across the bar. The ghost has also been blamed for pinching female staff's bottoms and forcing one member of staff to quit after he spotted a female entity walk through a door.

Jumping Grey Thing

Location: Birmingham - Icknield street, Hockley
Type: Other
Date / Time: April 2014
Further Comments: A couple in their car watched as a grey humanoid creature jump across the road, kangaroo-like, although seemingly gaining momentum by swinging its arms. The entity stopped in the road and looked at the car before turning and moving back into the grounds of a cemetery.

Lady Bagot

Location: Birmingham - Pype Hayes Hall, Erdington
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: A local story says that Lady Bagot committed suicide after being caught having an affair with a member of the household staff. It is unclear whether Bagot is the ghost in a yellow dress reported here. A caped man has been spotted and mild poltergeist behaviour is also said to have occurred.

Shuffling Feet

Location: Bloxwich - Hills House Farm
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Most often on Sundays
Further Comments: This place was haunted by the sound of slippered feet walking across the carpet and sudden loud cracking noises. A shadow would pass by the living room window, and the sound of a car could be heard pulling up on the driveway, though nothing could ever be seen.

Marion Gorman

Location: Brooke End - Railway passing through Brooke End, near signal box
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1950s
Further Comments: Marion was decapitated by a train on the tracks, slipping over in front of it as she headed to the signal box to meet her lover in the early 1900's. She has been seen several times since, always stepping in front of an incoming train before fading from view. One driver reported seeing her ghostly form wearing a bloody dress without a head.

Lost Monk

Location: Coombe - Coombe Abbey (currently a hotel)
Type: Curse
Date / Time: Twentieth century?
Further Comments: Seen by witnesses as he floats around the grounds of the abbey, this monk is thought to have been murdered in 1345. Phantom footsteps have also been reported on the stable yard cobbles, and are thought to belong to a young gypsy girl who cursed the family after they mistreated her. Finally, a phantom cyclist, thought to be a Victorian woman, has been observed on the road just by the former abbey.

Photogenic Monk

Location: Coventry - St Mary's Guildhall
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Jan 1985
Further Comments: Caught on film at an official function, a figure in a hooded gown can plainly be seen standing a few meters from the head of the table. A good image of this photo can be found in 'Haunted Britain and Ireland' by Richard Jones.

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