Werewolf and Vampire reports from the Paranormal Database


Evil Monk

Location: Melrose (Borders) - Melrose Abbey
Type: Vampire
Date / Time: Circa twelfth century?
Further Comments: An evil monk returned from the dead as a vampire, leaving his grave at Melrose Abbey to feed at a local nunnery. When the other monks discovered this, the bravest stayed up one night with a large axe, and when the vampire climbed out of its tomb, it was beheaded. The vampire's evil presence still remains in the abbey. The building is also the final resting place of Michael Scot, a great wizard who discovered the secret of flying, and was locally named as single handedly building Hadrian's Wall.


Smokey Vampire

Location: N6 (Greater London) - Highgate Cemetery (old section)
Type: Vampire
Date / Time: 1960s / 1970s (vampire), 20 June 2012, 22:00h (undertaker)
Further Comments: A plethora of sightings of a red eyed creature that could turn to smoke resulted in the cemetery becoming a second home to all manner of researchers, reporters and fame seekers. The sightings died down after legal action against one of the vampire hunters. More recently, North London Paranormal Investigators encountered a pale figure in a suit, resembling an undertaker, while touring the area.


Fox or Wolf?

Location: Pevensey (Sussex) - Marshes in the area
Type: Werewolf
Date / Time: Pre 1939
Further Comments: The area was once said to be the home to large grey creatures; thought by some to be wolf/fox hybrids, others believed them to be werewolves.


Wolf on Hind Legs

Location: Stafford (Staffordshire) - German War Cemetery, Camp Road, between Stafford and Cannock
Type: Werewolf
Date / Time: April 2007
Further Comments: In two separate sightings, two men reported a large hairy creature standing on its hind legs, between 180 - 200 centimetres in height. One of the men approached it, but the creature ran off.


Hiding from Vampires

Location: Stoke on Trent (Staffordshire) - Number 3, The Villas
Type: Vampire
Date / Time: 1973
Further Comments: A body found in the building was surrounded by garlic, salt, crucifixes, and other items reported to scare off vampires - tragically, the dead man was found to have choked to death on a clove of garlic that lodged in his throat as he slept.



Location: Thornton Heath (Surrey) - Private house
Type: Vampire
Date / Time: 1938
Further Comments: One piece of source material states that at three different times over a period of three months in 1938, a woman reported being attached by a winged creature which bit her neck and drew blood. However, it is possible that the vampire attacks occurred during the 1970s, and that the 1938 incidents were more polt is nature. Even so, the 1970s incidents also involved poltergeist activity, and the woman at the centre of the claims also alleged she was attacked by a tiger.

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