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Location: Nottingham (Nottinghamshire) - Nottingham Airport area
Date / Time: 29 July 1976
Further Comments: Two milkmen in the area reported seeing a large cat with a long tail which had a bushy end. Locals claimed that their pets had been quite restless during the night, though a large scale search by police using tracker dogs and helicopters found nothing.


Dog sized Cat

Location: NW3 (Greater London) - West End Lane, area near the church
Date / Time: April 1992
Further Comments: Deep within London, the report of this large golden cat surprised many locals.


Black Cat

Location: Okehampton (Devon) - Wooded open ground, end of Wonnacotts Road
Date / Time: Spring 2006
Further Comments: Two children reported seeing a black, puma-like cat while playing in this wooded area.


Beast of Bexley

Location: Outer London: Bexley (Greater London) - Bexleyheath Golf Club
Date / Time: 22:30h on 12 July 2005, and Feb 2006
Further Comments: A teenager reported seeing a giant black cat trotting across the grass here - police were called but could find nothing. The creature was photographed by a woman from the bottom of her garden in Feb 2006.


Large Black Cat

Location: Outer London: Northolt (Greater London) - Central Line Railway between Northolt & Greenford
Date / Time: 1995 onwards?
Further Comments: It was claimed that this ABC used the local rail tracks to move around without attracting too much attention.


Large ABC Footprints in Snow

Location: Peldon (Essex) - Exact area not known
Date / Time: Jan 1996
Further Comments: While no animal was seen, a large cat left footprints in the snow here in early 1996.


Black Panther

Location: Pershore (Hereford & Worcester) - Outside of Croome Estate
Date / Time: 01 June 2012
Further Comments: A witness reported seeing a black panther moving through a rapeseed field.


Black Cat

Location: Pitsea (Essex) - Exact location not known
Date / Time: May 1976
Further Comments: A typical large cat was seen in the area, black in colour.


Fawn Coloured Cat

Location: Podsmead (Gloucestershire) - Widden Field
Date / Time: 2012
Further Comments: Julie Marlow spoke to the local newspaper about observing a fast moving, Alsatian-sized creature which was fawn in colour in a field close to her home. Marlow said friends had seen a similar creature in the area.


Cat Calls

Location: Poole (Dorset) - Canford Heath
Date / Time: 20 August 2005 (cat heard)
Further Comments: A woman with her elderly mother crossing the heath heard a growling noise followed by a loud roar from behind bushes. As they ran off, the roar has heard again. A cyclist and her son have also reported seeing a ghostly woman wearing a grey Victorian dress on the heath, close to the bomb crater used by mountain bikers.


Young Puma

Location: Portrush (County Antrim) - General area
Date / Time: 2006
Further Comments: The press reported that people should not approach a large cat if seen in this area, following several sightings in quick succession.


Rusty Cat

Location: Rackheath (Norfolk) - Exact location not known
Date / Time: July 1996
Further Comments: Rusty brown in colour, this cat made a fleeting visit to Rackheath.


Large Black Cat

Location: Randaltown (County Antrim) - Exact location not known
Date / Time: Circa 2008
Further Comments: A local man and his friend witnessed a huge, black creature run past their car while heading towards a local chip shop.


Spotty Cat

Location: Red Lodge (Suffolk) - Russet Drive
Date / Time: Summer 2008
Further Comments: A local resident reported seeing a cat twice the size of a normal domestic feline early one morning. The creature was described as 'spotty'.


Big Cat

Location: Rochford (Essex) - General area of Rochford and Hawkwell
Date / Time: April 1978
Further Comments: A large out of place cat was observed several times in this area.



Location: Roughton (Norfolk) - Exact location not known
Date / Time: Summer 1996
Further Comments: Roughton was subject to visitation from at least one ABC during the summer of '96.


Large Black Cat

Location: Saltford (Somerset) - Near Bristol and Bath Railway Path
Date / Time: August 2001
Further Comments: A family walking along the path encountered a large black cat poking around a hedge. The creature looked up at the family before walking into a field and vanishing from view.


Snared Cat

Location: Sandown (Isle of Wight) - Yaverland Manor
Date / Time: 1987
Further Comments: A medium sized wild cat was caught and killed near the manor house, and later identified as a leopard cat.


Black 'Panther' Attack

Location: SE19 (Greater London) - Sydenham neighbourhood
Date / Time: 21 March 2005
Further Comments: Local resident Anthony Holder reported being attacked by a 1.8 metre long black cat in his back garden. The creature bit his fingers and left a large gash on his cheek before escaping. Police marksmen called to the scene found nothing.


Beast of Sydenham

Location: SE21 (Greater London) - Dulwich Wood
Date / Time: 2009
Further Comments: The press claimed a jogger had reported being chased by a large black cat through this wooded area.


Cat with Long Tail

Location: Shap (Cumbria) - M6 motorway near to junction 39
Date / Time: August 2001
Further Comments: A number of Alien Big Cat sightings have been reported along this stretch of motorway. The ABC reported in this instance was described as possessing a big head and a very long tail.


Large Cat

Location: Sheffield (Yorkshire) - Field near Wales Bar Petrol Station, now a golf course
Date / Time: 1987 or 1988
Further Comments: While crossing a field of sheep, a group of friends watched a large, cat-shaped creature amongst the sheep. The creature spotted the group and crouched, resulting in the friends fleeing the area.


Big Cat

Location: Shelley (Suffolk) - Exact location not known
Date / Time: March 1996
Further Comments: This ABC was observed at a distance of 350 metres.


Line Lion

Location: Shepley (Yorkshire) - Railway Line
Date / Time: 06 November 2011, around 15:30h
Further Comments: Trains were delayed for around two hours after police received a report of a lion (and possibly a cub) on the rail tracks at Shepley. After searching the area with twelve officers and a helicopter, nothing was found and rail travel resumed.


Fawn Coloured Cat

Location: Shingle Street (Suffolk) - Unnamed country lane
Date / Time: 23 March 2008
Further Comments: Prison Officer Heidi Hawley was driving to work when what she mistook for an Alsatian dog ran out in front of her. Believing it to have been an escaped pet, Heidi stopped her car to investigate further; she climbed up an embankment to follow the 'dog', only to realise it was a large fawn coloured cat with green eyes. The cat paused to look at her before running off.

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