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Young Girl

Location: Nottingham - St. Matthias Church and St. Matthias Road
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2000s
Further Comments: The churchyard is said to be haunted by a young girl and possibly the ghost of an unknown man. The man may also haunt the road - there are reports of both a young male ghost and the spirit of an older man who have been observed here.

White Lady

Location: Nottingham - Gedling Woods
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2000s?
Further Comments: This piece of woodland is reputedly haunted by a white lady, a nun and disembodied screaming.

Man in Blue

Location: Nottingham - Wilford Toll Bridge
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1930s onwards
Further Comments: A gentleman wearing a blue suit has been seen on the bridge, and is thought to be the ghost of a former toll collector. A hooded figure is said to haunt under the bridge.


Location: Nottingham - Wilford Ferry Inn
Type: Poltergeist
Date / Time: 1982
Further Comments: This inn was exorcised in 1982 to remove a troublesome poltergeist.

Cold Man

Location: Nottingham - Castle Rock Brewery
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 20 February 2011
Further Comments: An employee reported seeing a male figure walking across the cold storage area, although he couldn't be found when the room was checked. Over the years other staff have reported seeing 'things' out of the corner of their eyes.

Sobbing Boy

Location: Nottingham - Lee Rosys tea shop (17 Broad Street)
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2006
Further Comments: A local newspaper reported that staff and one customer had heard phantom sobbing from behind a wall. Puddles of water appeared without cause and cups would fall from tables without reason.


Location: Nottingham - Rail line between Grantham and Nottingham
Type: Post-Mortem Manifestation
Date / Time: 1950s
Further Comments: A woman travelled to Nottingham by train after receiving news that her mother had been admitted to hospital after having a fall. During the journey the woman spotted on a carriage her mother, who smiled and vanished. After arriving in Nottingham, the woman was informed that her mother had passed away.


Location: Nottingham - Ropewalk House (currently a hospital)
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2012-2013
Further Comments: Footsteps, banging and knocking have been reported coming from deserted parts of this building.

Older Man

Location: Nottingham - Hayward House, City Hospital
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: August 2012
Further Comments: Three members of nursing staff contacted security on the emergency line after they saw an unknown elderly male walking at the far end of a corridor at night. He was said to be wearing a flat cap. Upon arrival, security checked the building but could not find any sign of the male. The intruder alarm had also not been set off.


Location: Nottingham - Purple Entrance, City Hospital
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2013
Further Comments: A voice which asks if people are okay in a caring manner has been heard here, although the source is unseen. The disembodied footsteps heard along a nearby corridor is said to belong to an old matron.


Location: Nottingham - Food shop (since closed), Oakdale Road
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1970s, 2000s
Further Comments: It was said that footsteps could be heard in empty parts of the food store. After it closed, it reopened as a new business, which experienced doors slamming shut on their own accord and hand driers in the toilets being switched on and off repeatedly.

Hood's Victims

Location: Nottinghamshire - St Michael's churchyard
Type: Legend
Date / Time: Discovered nineteenth century
Further Comments: Thirteen skeletons unearthed in the churchyard were thought to be foresters that were executed by Robin Hood. A crossbow bolt was found in the skull of one body, seemingly contradicting the fact that Hood and his men were said to use longbows.

Is It or Is It Not?

Location: Oldcotes - Hermeston Hall
Type: Other
Date / Time: 2000s
Further Comments: Previously a location where several vigils have been held, and once said to be the haunt of dozens of entities (including a woman in a brown dress), one former occupier has rebutted the claims, saying that the reports have been created with a view of turning a profit.

Faceless Monk

Location: Ollerton - Rufford Abbey
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: This giant figure is said to have had a skull for a head, a result of black magic rituals carried out in days gone by. He has made at least one witness drop dead of shock. The grounds are also haunted by a white lady, gliding effortlessly along.

Phantom Girl

Location: Ollerton - Ollerton Hall
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 2000s
Further Comments: A number of stories are associated with this empty building, though little evidence has been forthcoming of actual sightings. Entities reported include a phantom girl, a black figure with glowing eyes, a rough looking man, and disembodied footsteps; stories of Devil worship are also whispered of.


Location: Ollerton - Private residence, Cinder Lane
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1993
Further Comments: One building along this lane is said to be haunted by the floating, blue, upper torso of a man.

Mrs Jones

Location: Ollerton - Snooty Fox public house
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Early 1990s
Further Comments: This pub was said to be haunted by a woman nicknamed 'Mrs Jones', though nothing has been seen or heard of the entity since 1993.

Vanishing Car

Location: Orston - A52
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 23 January 2014, 21:00h
Further Comments: An unlit car heading towards a driver and his passenger after dusk vanished just before collision. The driver said that at first he thought he must have imagined it, but the passenger had witnessed it also.

Hood's Pot

Location: Oxton - Oxton (or Oldox) Camp, Robin Hood's Hill
Type: Legend
Date / Time: Still present
Further Comments: A barrow on this hill is named Robin Hood's Pot, and legend has it Hood concealed his stolen loot here. Roman coinage has been found in the barrow.

Alan A' Dale's Marriage

Location: Papplewick - St James' Church
Type: Legend
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: Alan A' Dale, one of Hood's loyal men, is said to have been married in this church.

A Man and his Dog

Location: Plumtree - Outside Perkins' Bar & Bistro (formally Plumtree railway station)
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Twentieth century
Further Comments: The ghosts of a man and his dog haunt the site of former railway tracks just outside this bistro, where it is believed they were killed by a steam engine.


Location: Radcliffe on Trent - Manvers Arms public house
Type: Poltergeist
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: Rumoured to have been used as a temporary mortuary by the church, this pub is home to a poltergeist that moves beer barrels, folds clothing. and smashes glasses.

Woman in Dress

Location: Radcliffe on Trent - Grounds of Holme Pierrepont Hall
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Circa 1970s
Further Comments: This lady wearing a white flowing dress has been reported quietly drifting around the grounds.


Location: Ravenshead - A60, close to a stone commemorating Bessie Shepherds
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Winter 1984/1985
Further Comments: A distressed anonymous lady phoned the police report having hit a pedestrian but when she got out of the car there was no one there. Two police officers who went to the scene found fresh skid marks, and footsteps leading from and to the location where the driver's door would have been, but no evidence of a victim.

Edwardian Barrister

Location: Retford - Town Hall
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: This lanky figure wearing a grey wig is believed to be an Edwardian legal representative. His black gowned form is said to lurk near the main staircase.

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